AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch

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Our product is a result of carefully selecting pure natural ingredients, harmoniously harnessing the gifts of nature. It seamlessly integrates with your body, without any adverse effects. It is inspired by the renowned medical work "Compendium of Materia Medica," focusing on kidney treatments. This innovative patch gently guides the kidneys through stages of repair. Over thirty thousand kidney patients have chosen our product, backed by scientific research showing consistent usage for more than six months aids gradual kidney recovery and revitalization.

This patch embodies the principle of addressing the root cause, differing from the immediacy of Western medicine. Its efficacy unfolds over time, often spanning four months. We assure you – if no visible results emerge after six months, a full refund is guaranteed. Additionally, within thirty days of receiving the product, should you be unsatisfied, we're here to assist with returns. We're committed to social responsibility, pledging 5% of sales to the American Kidney Foundation, advancing kidney health.

We aspire that this patch will bring hope and improvement to your life, propelling you towards a healthier existence.

Let us hear about Andrew's successful journey with AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch!

"I never thought I'd be writing a testimonial for a health product, but the AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch has been a game-changer for me. As a hardworking guy juggling family and a demanding job, my kidney health took a backseat until I started experiencing discomfort that was hard to ignore. That's when I discovered this patch. I decided to give it a try, and in just one month, I felt like a new person. The discomfort vanished, my energy levels shot through the roof, and I was finally able to give my best at work and be present for my family. AEXZR™ Kidney Care Patch has been a lifesaver for me, and I'll never go without it."

Unhealthy kidney Symptoms 

Signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease develop over time if kidney damage progresses slowly. Loss of kidney function can cause a buildup of fluid body waste or electrolyte problems. Depending on how severe it is, loss of kidney function can cause: 

🌟Headaches: Kidney failure can cause persistent headaches due to toxin build-up, affecting brain function and blood vessels.
🌟Frequent Urination: Kidney failure disrupts fluid balance, leading to increased urination, especially at night.
🌟Back Pain: Chronic, severe back pain is a common symptom, often located in the lower back near the kidneys.
🌟High Blood Pressure: Kidney failure can lead to hypertension, as the kidneys lose their ability to regulate blood pressure.
🌟Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Weakened kidney function increases the risk of UTIs, causing pain, burning, and recurrent infections.
🌟Impotence: Hormonal imbalances and reduced blood flow may result in impotence, a form of sexual dysfunction.

You should also be aware of the most common habits that you might not realize are putting pressure on your kidneys: overusing painkillers, high sodium intake, eating processed foods, not drinking enough water, eating too much meat, smoking, alcohol in excess, and sitting still.  

How does it work?

AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch utilizes an innovative and targeted nutrient delivery system to support healthy kidney function. The patch is designed to adhere to the skin over the kidney area, allowing the carefully selected ingredients to penetrate the skin and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

The patch encapsulates active compounds known for their ability to dissolve kidney stones effectively. When applied, these compounds are released slowly and steadily, directly targeting the stones within the kidney. This controlled release mechanism assists in breaking down the stones into smaller, more manageable fragments, ultimately facilitating their removal through the urinary system.  

AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch supports healthy kidney function by promoting detoxification, reducing oxidative stress, and supporting overall kidney health. It may help improve urinary function, promote healthy urine production, and support the body's natural ability to maintain optimal kidney function. 

Powerful & Natural Ingredients

Polygonatum is proven to solve kidney problems and give life extension by preventing kidney damage. There are various benefits such as antioxidants, catechins, and ECGC which are known for showing beneficial effects on the problems related to kidneys.

Angelica roots also known as the “stone breaker,” is a popular herbal folk remedy for kidney stones. The herb is thought to help prevent calcium-oxalate stones from forming. It's also believed to reduce the size of existing stones. 

Epimedium helps to decrease the serum creatinine, reduce the amount of protein lost in the urine, and diminish the effects of some complications, such as anemia and body malfunction.

Experts Recommendation & Studies

"Based on the compelling results of multiple clinical trials and rigorous scientific evidence, I wholeheartedly recommend the use of the AEXZR™ Kidney Care Patch to my patients suffering from kidney health issues. These trials have consistently demonstrated the patch's remarkable efficacy in improving kidney function, reducing discomfort, and enhancing overall well-being. It's a safe and natural solution that aligns with the highest medical standards, making it a valuable addition to our arsenal for managing kidney health."

AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch – Elevate Your Kidney Health!

🌟 Improved Kidney Function: Restore your kidneys to their optimal performance, enhancing overall health and vitality.
🌟 Toxin Elimination: Let go of harmful toxins and waste products, promoting a cleaner, healthier internal environment.
🌟 Enhanced Circulation: Boosted blood flow to the kidneys supports efficient filtration and maintains a balanced internal ecosystem.
🌟 Comfort and Relief: Find respite from kidney-related discomfort, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.
🌟 Long-Term Wellness: Maintain your kidney health with consistent use and experience lasting benefits.

Let us hear more from our verified and satisfied customers!

"I had been grappling with kidney stones for far too long. The pain was excruciating, and it seemed like there was no end in sight. That's when I stumbled upon the AEXZR™ Kidney Care Patch. I was skeptical, to say the least, but I decided to give it a try. After using it for a month, I was absolutely astonished. The constant pain had subsided, and I could finally go about my daily activities without that relentless agony. Thanks to AEXZR™, I took control of my life, and kidney stones were no longer a source of dread. It's an incredible relief."

"I was in a constant battle with foot swelling and gout due to kidney failure. The discomfort was taking a toll on me, and I couldn't partake in the things I loved. That's when a friend recommended the AAFQ™ Kidney Care Patch. I decided to give it a shot, and it was a game-changer. Over time, the swelling in my feet started to subside, and my gout episodes became less frequent and less severe. AAFQ™ didn't just address the symptoms; it brought me relief and renewed hope for a better quality of life. My journey to combat kidney failure became less daunting, thanks to AAFQ™. I'm truly grateful."

Our research team

Dr. Satoshi Takahashi, a distinguished professor at Tokyo Medical College, Japan, brings his extensive clinical expertise to offer unique insights into effective treatment strategies for acute kidney conditions. Dr. Takahashi is the visionary behind our Kidney Repair Patches, which have gained immense popularity in Japan and have now been introduced to the United States. His mission is to provide the best treatment solution at a remarkably affordable cost to every individual grappling with kidney ailments.


Usage Instructions:

Open the patch and tear off the white film on top. Apply it to the skin corresponding to the location of the kidneys. Use two patches at a time, one for each kidney. The patch lasts for 8 hours; for those with severe kidney conditions, a new patch can be applied after the 8-hour medicinal effect ends. For stage 1-2 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 2-4 patches per day. For stage 3-4 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 4-6 patches per day. Continuously use the patch for at least three months to reduce some of the complications caused by kidney issues. Use it for at least six months to achieve the effect of treating kidney problems.


  • Material: Non-Woven Patch
  • Patch Size: 7cm x 7cm

Package includes

  • BLUESKY Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch (50 pcs) 


During usage, avoid any malfunctions to prevent an impact on effectiveness. Based on our research data and customer feedback, the most significant and stable results are observed during the 12th week of use. Over 10,000 customers have suggested purchasing 5 boxes or more at once to prevent any interruption due to prolonged delivery times between orders and logistic processes, which might affect the outcomes.



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  • If you have any questions, please contact our customer servicestaff member for assistance!


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