Foldable jewelry storage rack

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Style : 2-Fold (Hold 60 Pairs Earrings)

Keep your ever-growing sparkly collections in one place and free from potential damages with this foldable jewelry display organizer! 

A stylishly-chic jewelry holder that boasts a clever 4 folding panel hinged concertina-style and 256 optimized pre-punched holes. Providing you more room to safely store your jewelry all in one accessible place on full stunning display while remaining perfectly organized. Its 4-fold feature allows it to be spread anytime to deliver you with a much better viewing and an easier and quicker locating of your accessory. No more messy, sparkly clutters on your vanity top or the troubles of blindly looking through the depths of your drawers and jewelry box. Making it the perfect stand for beautifully hanging your precious hoops, studs, dangly earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets. 

This foldable jewelry organizer adopts a simplistic, transparent design that can complement and look elegant on any decor style. It is also compact enough to neatly hang several jewelry at once without taking up too much space or causing obstruction. A great accessory display stands on any flat surfaces, including tables, counters, bathroom sinks, vanity, makeup room, and so on. No worries as it has well-spaced divisions that hold your accessories securely and keep them from tangling with each other as you retrieve. What’s more? The jewelry display can also hang each of your precious pieces lovingly to prevent any possible scratches and damages. 

Beautifully showcase your accessory without the unwanted tangled mess using this foldable jewelry display organizer!


  • Foldable Jewelry Organizer
    A high-capacity jewelry holder constructed with a unique 4 folding panel hinged concertina-style and 256 optimized pre-punched holes. Providing you more room to hang your precious hoops, studs, dangly earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets all in one accessible place. Moreover, it helps to keep your accessory collection safely organized and gorgeously on full display at all times. This jewelry stand’s concertina-style folding also enables you to smoothly unfold the panels in straight and easily connect them again in a square. Allowing you to get a much better look for a quick search and smooth retrieving of your needed accessory. Saving you from the time-consuming and struggle of looking blindly through the depths of your closet or jewelry box only to get a lost pair. 

  • Space-Saving Stylish Display
    This accessory organizer is specially designed with a simplistic, stylish touch that would look elegant on any surface. It can stunningly and neatly hang several jewelry at once without looking cluttered or awkwardly crowded unlike with other holders. Furthermore, this jewelry stand is conveniently compact to be placed anywhere without causing obstruction or taking up space. You can display it on any flat surface unfolded or connected in a compact square, including tables, counters, bathroom sinks, vanity, makeup room, and more possibilities.  

  • Innovative Design
    The foldable jewelry display comes in a highly transparent style which allows you to see a clear look of all your accessories in a glance. It makes locating your desired jewels even easier and quicker suitable especially for those who are always on a time crunch. No worries as all grooves and holes can lovingly hang your gems secured in one place at all times. Preventing them from getting scratch, damages, tarnishing, and from easily falling off even as you swiftly rotate the holder. This jewelry organizer offers well-spaced divisions to keep your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or chains from tangling with each other. You can now smoothly unfurl any jewelry piece fully without worrying about them touching or rubbing anymore. 

  • Quick and Easy Assembly
    This lavish jewelry stand organizer can be assembled in no time without the complicated methods and tools anymore. Simply unfold the holder first before putting all your jewelry, stand it on a surface spread out or connected in square style, and you can now stunningly showcase your jewelry! Additionally, the jewelry organizer can be placed on any flat surface without leaving a single mark or scratches behind.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened clear plastic material with a remarkable long-lasting durability. It promises to keep your luxurious collections organized and free from the messy tangles or getting lost for multiple years without damaging and rusting. This 4-fold jewelry stand is also completely odorless to ensure your accessories and the user’s safety and health.


  • Style:2-Fold, 4-Fold, 6-Fold, 4 Tiers 360 Rotatie


  • 1 x Foldable Jewelry Display Organizer
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