French Vintage Tweed Short Jacket

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Color : BLACK
Size : S

Fabric: Wool blend
Collar: round neck
Placket: single-breasted
Clothes length: short
Clothing version: straight
Popular elements/techniques: buttons
Material composition: 64% polyester fiber 36% wool

Slightly contoured short boxy shape Embracing and slimming with a touch of elegance

  • Adopting the classic micro-contour short box shape, easy to wear and not picky.
  • On the body a second to enhance the temperament, easy to create a golden body ratio
  • Covering meat skinny not bloated, loose but not collapsed
  • Visual raise the waistline, easy to create a sense of long legs.

  • The straight-shoulder silhouette breaks the conventional box-shaped line with slightly dropped shoulders.
  • Customized high-quality shoulder cotton to accommodate slip-shouldered and narrow-shouldered figures
  • The upper body makes the shoulders straight, making the body more straight and elegant.

  • The entire body, from the placket to the cuffs, collar and hemline, is adorned with a full band of fine woven lace.
  • The entire body is embellished with an intricately woven lace ribbon.
  • Two different types of yarns are woven together to create a tight, full, dimpled look.
  • A strong sense of wool blends with the overall texture of the fabric.
  • The three-dimensionality is understated and elegant

Customized vintage embossed metal clasps, texture and luxury brand counterparts

Classic double pocket flap is three-dimensional and full of shape

The highest quality wool blends are selected to create the garments
Creating three-dimensional texture of small fragrant wool weaving tweed fabrics
The garment is broad and shapely with a high and noble texture.
Soft and fluffy hand feel without rough skin feeling
The upper body is broad and sinewy, draping and easy to take care of.
Warm and at the same time, without the dull sense of pressure.

The lining is made of high quality skin-friendly and comfortable fabrics.
The warp and weft are twisted differently to create a higher and more uniform texture.
High and soft glossy texture.
Wear it close to your body without any restrictions, and stretch it out freely.

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